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Institutions Directly under the State Administration of Grain

Academy of Science and Technology
Since the system reform of science and technology, the Academy of Science and Technology is the only non-profit research institution of grain industry at the national level. It is mainly responsible for the fundamental and nonprofit research on the development and application of technologies in grain storage, security, distribution and comprehensive
utilization of grain resources.

China National Grain and Oils Information Center
China National Grain and Oils Information Center provides market information of the grain and oils market for the sake of managing grain macro-control and national grain distribution.
It mainly takes charge of monitoring, analyzing and predicting domestic and international grain markets; building, developing and maintaining the computer network.

Standards and Quality Center
Standards and Quality Center is responsible for the standardization work of grain industry. It drafts national standards of grain and oils products, industrial standards and relevant technological criteria. It also takes charge of drafting measures and regulations of quality control, and supervising the implementation; inspecting and supervising the quality
and sanitation situation of the raw grain; assessing and qualifying the quality inspection institutions of grain industry; and training the staff.

China Grain Research and Training Center
China Grain Research and Training Center is mainly responsible for researching economic theories, policies and development strategies of the grain industry; participating in research on distribution reform, corporation management, and relevant laws, regulations and policies; researching and analyzing the development of grain industry; organizing training programs for the SAG and the whole sector; and organizing academic exchanges and also assess-
ments on scientific and technological results.

Development and Exchange Center
The Development and Exchange Center takes charge of promoting exchanges and cooperation between enterprises; promoting application of science and technology in grain industry; promoting grain and oils products; carrying out legal consultations for the grain enterprises; and organizing the enterprises to participate into the international exchanges
and cooperation.

China Grain Economy Magazine
China Grain Economy Magazine is one of the leading trade magazines. It is composed of editorial department, advertisement department, comprehensive department, and network department. It is responsible for editing, publishing, circulation and dealing with relevant businesses.

China National Association of Grain Sector
China National Association of Grain Sector is a national organization of the grain industry. It’s role is to strengthen communications between grain enterprises and government, formulate self-discipline mechanism within the grain sector, safeguard fair competition, protect legitimate interests of members, and promote cooperation between enterprises.

Chinese Grain Economics Association
Chinese Grain Economics Association is an academic institute, that is responsible for organizing experts and scholars to study basic rules of grain distribution and fundamental links between grain production, distribution and consumption, and grain economic research.

Chinese Cereals and Oils Association
Chinese Cereals and Oils Association is a member of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). It is a national scientific and technical organization of cereals and oils industry. It is responsible for organizing academic exchanges and research on storage, processing comprehensive utilization and loss stopping of grain and oils products. It also organizes experts to assess scientific projects and research.

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