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Grain is the basis of human survival and development. China is a large grain producer and
consumer. The grain issue has a direct bearing on China’s economic development and
national security as well as the international grain security. Chinese government always at-
taches great importance to the grain issue. Through long-term efforts, China has successfully fed nearly 20% of the world’s population with less than 10% of the world's cultivated land.This is a great contribution China has made to the global grain production and security. In recent years, Chinese government has further adopted a series of policies and methods to strengthen the fundamental role of agriculture, and to improve the comprehensive grain productivity. Meanwhile, the government has paid great attention to the reform and management of the national grain distribution system, which has promoted the grain production and supply, and has also supported national economic growth and social stability.

The State Administration of Grain (SAG) is one of the functional agencies of the State
Council. It was established in 1999 on the basis of the former State Administration of
Grain Reserves. The SAG is directly under the National Development and Reform Commis-
sion (NDRC), and it is responsible for macro-regulation of national grain distribution, provid-
ing guidelines for the development of grain industry and administrating national grain reserves.Since its establishment, the SAG has endeavored to promote steady reform of the grain market,improve the grain macro-control and steer the whole industry. We have built a market-oriented macro-control system with economic, legal and necessary administrative measures, a mature market with diversified players and business modes, a supervision system through laws and regulations, and an industrial system featuring modern logistics and grain processing.These efforts have played an active role in promoting grain production,raising famers’ in-come and safeguarding national grain security. Proceeding from the policy of grain selfsufficiency, China will continue to promote steady grain production, to balance the supply and demand, and to improve grain distribution system and macro-control.

Since its establishment, the SAG has paid much attention to the exchanges and cooperation on grain distribution, macro-regulation, and grain science and technology with interna-
tional organizations, research institutions and enterprises, which have witnessed significant achievements. We will strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with foreign counterparts to make new contributions to food security in China and the world.

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